12 Things We Do Better

We offer expertise in Computer Support, IT Consulting and Network Services serving companies throughout Conway, Myrtle Beach, Raleigh, Florence, Charleston and Wilmington

  1. We Guarantee a One Hour Emergency Response. If you are one of our Total Care Managed Services clients you no longer have to worry when you have an emergency or major issue come up because we guarantee that a technician will be working to resolve your IT emergency within 1 hour, no exceptions, and we do it every day. Just ask our clients.
  2. Repairs in a Flash. We know you don't want to waste your valuable time waiting for your computer to be fixed. That’s where our IT support and computer network support services come in. You can always access your computer IT network remotely thanks to this network IT support service. If not, a technician will be sent out the same day.
  3. We Talk Like You Do. Know that we will answer any computer support & maintenance questions you have so you clearly understand. There is absolutely no intimidating "geek speak" by our IT support technicians.
  4. Absolute 100% Satisfaction is Our Guarantee. Complete satisfaction will be yours with our products, technology services and IT Consulting. With our IT management services, nothing will get in the way to make sure you are a happy customer.
  5. A Clear and Certain Outcome - No Unwanted Surprises. Your network or data will not be damaged, that's a promise. We evaluate first to see if there are any potential risks before we begin computer maintenance services. Any risks will be clearly explained and we will get your authorization before we begin working. Having your files and data backed up beforehand is another way to go.
  6. All Projects Completed According to Schedule AND Budget - Guaranteed. We won't surprise you with added or hidden charges as we perform IT consulting and network services. Believe it or not, there are some incompetent and unethical technicians out there, but not us. We make no excuses. We guarantee the completion of your IT support project ON BUDGET and ON TIME which will ultimately lead to success for your company.
  7. Invoices Will Be Accurate - Guaranteed. Your invoice will be accurate and completely spelled out - guaranteed. There will be no billing surprises since your IT management services bill will be pre-approved by you.
  8. Competitive Advantage - Having a competitive advantage in your business is the key to long term success. Often times problems with computers due to slowness, downtime and viruses can make your most productive employee useless. Our goal is to minimize your downtime, provide services that enable you to have efficient and fast systems. We believe that there is "No time for down time”
  9. Strategic Planning and Review - We will meet with you quarterly and annually to review, develop, and implement your strategic plan for technology and communications in your business. Our goal is to enable your business to use technology to grow your business, increase productivity, and reduce costs.
  10. Your Schedule Your Time - We schedule our work around your schedule and time at your convenience. Our goal is to meet the needs of your business without affecting your ability to work when and where you want to do so.
  11. Your Partner In Business - Our business started out as a part time small business and has evolved over the course of 15 years into the most award winning IT Management Firm in the region. We know what it's like to be small, we know what it's like to be growing, and we know what it takes to make that happen. We also know that we would not be anywhere near our current size if our client's hadn't grown with us. When you bring Creative Consultants Group into the equation you are not just hiring a computer company to fix stuff, you are adding a trusted technology adviser to your successful team. We are in business too and have some of the same issues you do even aside from the technology. We are here not just to be a vendor, but to be a partner, and a friend in business. Our goal is to be your trusted technology adviser for life.
  12. We Know How To Grow Your Business - Our Internet Marketing division can get you the results others have promised. Whether you're not getting good qualified leads in through your website or not selling your products online, or even if you just need a refresh, we can help. We have been marketing and designing online since the 90's and know what it takes to get your website converting!

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