This Smartphone Is Also A Projector: Introducing The Movi

Sure, your big honking iPhone or massive Android is impressive, but does it have a screen the size of an entire wall?

The Movi is the first smartphone to integrate a built-in pico projector into its design, allowing users to project 720p images up to 200 inches in size wherever they are.

Watch Your Doors

By Mark Sanborn

When was the last time you looked at the doors to your business? It isn’t just about who comes in; it’s also about how.

Let me give an example. A new restaurant opened near my office. It’s been very successful, and I eat there regularly.

Employees Keeping Your Data Safe?

Don’t Count On It

One morning late last year, an unemployed man was making his way across London, heading to the library to continue his job search. But on the way, he encountered something peculiar: a USB stick, peeking out among the fallen leaves and shining in the morning sun.

To Truly Succeed, You Need To Change The Game

To Truly Succeed, You Need To Change The Game To survive, most companies don’t need to follow the pattern of disruptive innovators, inching into a miniscule portion of market share each quarter. Instead, they should look to what they’re already good at and amplify their skills, while keeping an eye on potential applications for the future.

SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTH: Introducing The Snap SmartCam

Today, the security of your home is more important than ever before. Lawbreakers are constantly getting bolder, and as our technology advances, they switch up their tactics. With that in mind, all of us should be on the lookout for a security camera that’s difficult to spot, is intelligent about the footage it collects, and grabs high-quality footage to identify burglars.

Leadership Is Lacking

By Robert Stevenson

Professor and leadership expert James O’Toole once said that “95% of American managers today say the right thing… 5% actually do it.” I’m confident this is more true today than ever before. When I look around at the current business landscape, I see poor leadership destroying companies from the inside out.